Délice, the classic bikini bottom [new pattern]

Délice, the classic bikini bottom [new pattern]

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Hello everyone!

As I told you in the article on swimsuits written a few days ago, this year I focused on the “two pieces”.

Several patterns will be revealed in the next few days. You will be able to choose a top and a bottom separately, in order to obtain a swimsuit that you like: according to your tastes, your preferences, and also your morphology!

Let’s start with Delight: the classic bikini bottom.


Patterns available from 32 to 50

Délice offers 6 styles of panties :

  • from the simplest panties (style 1)
  • to the one with bow (style 4),
  • decorated sides (style 5),
  • through those with flounces (styles 2 and 6),
  • or those with ties (styles 3 and 6),

No doubt you will find one you like!

Délice style 5
Délice Variant 3
Alizée and Délice style 3

Délice is a bit more high on the leg than a lingerie panties.

Délice style 4

I hope you will dare to let your imagination run wild when sewing these patterns. For example, don’t hesitate to replace the bow of style 4 by a string of pearls, or why not a brazilian bracelet!

Délice style 4

Delight has a good fitting back: you will be able to jump into the waves without any fear!

For the style with decorated sides, you will see in the explanations that there is a very simple trick that allows you to keep this nice “empty” space on the sides without it collapsing:

In the explanations, you will have links as well as QR-Codes (for those of you who print the sheets) that will take you to videos. These will guide you precisely so that each of you can sew your swimsuit.

Still for this version, I explain how to put 3 vertical ties (picture below). But feel free, once again, to have fun! Like for example on the previous version where I crossed two ties.

You can also easily string beads, use pretty ribbons (compatible with the bath)…

Style 3 has ties on the side:

To brighten up this pretty plain lycra, I chose to roughly embroider the waist band and make tassels to finish the ties.

I would like to thank Véronique (Une rose sur la lune) who kindly explained the tassel technique to me.

Alizée and Délice style 3

The two styles with ties on the sides are higher on the legs than the others.

Style 2 of Délice, you already know it: I sewed it last year with Itaca:

Alizée et Délice style 4

I hope you enjoy Délice and all its variations.

If you are already familiar with the Étoffe Malicieuse patterns and are eager to sew your swimsuit, just click on the button below:

If you are not yet familiar with the specifics of the Étoffe Malicieuse patterns, here are more details on the pattern:

What’s in the download:

Étoffe Malicieuse is here to guide you as closely as possible to your expectations.

That why, the folder you will download contains several documents:

An interactive instructions booklet illustrated with numerous clear diagrams (to find out more, click HERE)

The pattern in A4/US letter format that you can print directly at home.

The pattern is given with AND without seam allowances. Thanks to the layer system, you can choose!
If you choose to print the pattern without seam allowances, everything is carefully explained in the booklet to add the seam allowances according to the finishes techniques you want to use.

Please note: for lingerie, very few sheets are required. So don’t be afraid to cut and assemble the pattern: it will be very quick to do!

The size lines are made up of different colours, but also different line styles, so you can print in black and white without any worries!

The patterns are layered which allow you to choose which sizes you want to print.

You can read the article about this specificity of the Étoffe Malicieuse patterns HERE.

There is also a short video that will show you how to use layers is available on the Youtube channel: Étoffe Malicieuse channel

A “printing the pattern” helper

This part will tell you how to use the layers, how to set up your printer, which pages to print according to the chosen variant…

A “Stitches and settings” section

This part of the explanations will detail the different stitches used in swimsuit sewing.

As the construction progresses, you will also find the small tag giving you indications on which stitch to use.

Sewing level

Contrary to popular belief, all you need is a simple sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch.

The construction instructions have been written as clearly as possible. They will guide you step by step with the help of numerous clear diagrams to enable even total beginners to sew their panties.

Oasis is a project that everyone can get on. Once again, it is a matter of trusting yourself and daring to take the plunge!


As usual, the pattern has been tested, the explanations have been read and re-read…

For this pattern, beginners in swimsuit sewing were called in (as always), as well as seamstresses more accustomed to sewing.

A big thank you to this great team of testers! THANK YOU for your help!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #patrondelice, #patronetoffemalicieuse on Instagram so I can see your accomplishments.

Remember, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #etoffemalicieuse and offer a free pattern to the lucky one 😉

I’ll find you very soon with an article on fabrics. Have a nice day !

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