Étoffe Malicieuse’s swimsuits

Hello everyone

I’m so happy to be with you today to talk ” Swimsuits “!

A bit of lightness, thinking about holidays, the sun… it will do us a world of good!

I’ve given a lot of thoughts since last year about a new collection of swimsuit patterns for this summer.

This article is therefore dedicated to this reasoning, so that you can visualise and better understand my objectives and the future patterns.

Your Ideal Swimsuit

Since last summer, I’ve been asking a lot of opinions: from my friends, my acquaintances, but also among the sewists.And the verdict is simple (and very obvious!): we don’t have the same desires!

Some women want to hide their stretch marks following a pregnancy, others don’t care and take full responsibility for the marks on their bodies.

Some prefer “one-piece” swimsuits while others swear only by the “bikini”.

Some are comfortable in low cut boyshorts, others prefer high waisted panties.

Some like frills, the little detail that will make a difference, while others are looking for clean lines.

In short, nothing new…

This year, I focused on the “two-piece” swimsuits.

Indeed, with Calypso for women and Itaca, Étoffe Malicieuse already offers you a lot of fun in “one piece” models.

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Calypso for women, asymmetrical version

The bikini swimsuits: “à la carte” swimsuits

Alizée and Délice Patterns

This year, so that everyone can create HER swimsuit, according to HER preferences and desires, I decided to offer you not sets, but separate tops and bottoms.

Why? Simply because in a set, we do not necessarily like the top AND the bottom, and therefore we end up with an incomplete swimsuit.

Alizée et Oasis

For this summer, I really worked on this idea: that you can compose YOUR swimsuit. You can choose the top separately from the bottom (as is already the case for all the lingerie patterns).

Of course, the choice will grow from year to year and you’ll have more and more patterns to match the bottom with the top according to YOUR preferences.

Patrons Alizée et Délice

The budget

So that your budget doesn’t take too much of a hit, remember that if you already have a simple panties pattern (like the Malicieuse panties), it’s very easy to make them into swimsuit panties.
All you have to do is sew clear elastic instead of scalloped elastic (yes, I know, I’m a great saleswoman: I’ll even tell you how to do it without buying my new patterns 😉 ).

However, you will see that the upcoming swimsuit patterns have really been thought out for “beachwear“.
For example, putting gathers on a lingerie panties would not be appropriate because it would be too thick and the panties would be visible under our pants.

Alizée and Neptune

For those who would like to buy two patterns (which I hope you will!), that is to say a top and a bottom, a discount is offered on each pattern: this will also reduce your costs! And maybe you’ll be able to get the outfit you’ve always wanted.

Alizée et Délice

When the new patterns are released, I will detail each new pattern: you will see all the possibilities available to you!

Indeed, I’m not going to tell you everything today: you have only seen a small part of it 😉


I apologize in advance for the photos that were taken on a plastic mannequin: as much as I know how to pattern, sew, write explanations, make the gradation of a model, manage a website… but photographing and highlighting my models is clearly not my cup of tea.

I would have liked so much to do a real photo session, with Guillaume Estève, as we had already done for Calypso femme and Naïade… but the confinement decided otherwise.

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I know it’s not easy to identify yourself with a plastic body, but I still hope you’ll be able to project yourself in YOUR future handmade swimsuit for this summer!

I know I can count on your understanding, and I thank you in advance!

See you soon to discover the new patterns.

Beautiful day to all,


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