Patterns on layers

Patterns with layers

Just imagine a pattern you can adjust at your will :

Are you fed up with eye strain when tracing your size ? 
You can print the very size you need !

Do you need to print several sizes to match your shape ?
No problem, you can do it !

Do you prefer patterns without seam allowance ?
You only need to print the “sans/without” version !

You can’t do without seam allowance ?
Just print the “avec/with” version !

Do you want both ?
(you then can see the sewing line when sewing a pattern including seam allowance) Obviously, you can do it as well !

EVERYTHING is possible !

And I’ll explain EVERYTHING carefully in the file you’ll download (except for patterns older than Erine).

Do you fear it to be too complex ?

See right away how SIMPLE it is !

Here are several examples :

On the image below, I choose to print the 36, 38 and 40 size patterns without seam allowance :
I’ve checked the boxes matching my choice in the layer tab in Adobe Reader (left part of the screen).
In the right part, we can see the three pattern lines that will be printed :

In the second example, I only need size 44.
I choose to print both the pattern including seam allowance and the pattern not including seam allowance so that I can easily check the margins.
We can see in the right part the two lines that will be printed :

Now for the third example, I’ve checked the boxes matching sizes 40,42,44,46,48 et 50
(I’m gonna sew this pattern for all my friends!!!).

Obviously, you’ve got it, there are 6 lines on the screen !

You see, it’s really simple.

Of course, you can first print the size 36, then the size 40 (for auntie), another day the size 32 for a little girl…

Interactive PDF !

To make your reading as easy as possible, the user guide PDF embeds an interactive table of contents.

Using it is very easy :

You can browse the chapter titles.
Clicking on one of them will bring you to the matching page !

The user guide PDF also contains inner links :
Every little mauve rectangle (as seen below) can be clicked :

Click on them to go directly to the relevant page !

PDF files indeed proposes useful features !