How to replace a clasp with a bow [Tutorial]

How to replace a clasp with a bow [Tutorial]

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Hello everyone!

Many of you have asked me which bikini top goes with the bow version of Délice.

It is simply Itaca, the bikini top version!

I’ve got two tutorials planned to help you transform this swimsuit top that I can’t get enough of.

At the base, the back of Itaca closes with a clasp:

Here is a simple tutorial on how to replace this staple with a bow.

I used this method for a gorgeous version of Itaca, sewn in a shiny lycra from My Pretty Mercerie.

You will see, it is really very simple.

The tutorial

First, print the back band pattern piece: Back band pattern

You have a piece in two parts (here I show you the seam allowances included):

Indeed, to be able to be printed on a single sheet and avoid wasting paper, I had to “cut” the piece in two. You just have to tape the two parts together to get the whole band:

Cut twice on the fold in the lycra:

Fold a back band right side to right side and stitch with a stretch stitch (here I used my serger) as shown in the photo below: remember to leave an opening of a few centimeters on the long edge, and do not stitch the small end (on the right in my photo) :

Put on your already assembled swimsuit top through the opening left in the previous step. Here I am using Itaca bikini top, but it should work with any other bikini top pattern.

Be sure to match the end of the back band with the end of the swimsuit top:

Stitch with a straight stitch:

All you have to do is put the whole thing on the right side and close the opening with a few hand stitches.

And there you have it, you replaced the staple with a pretty bow!

I hope this tutorial will be useful to you.

I’ll be back soon to show you the front of this Itaca top 😉

For those who have not yet chosen their swimsuit for this summer, go check out which pattern is the right one for you!

Beautiful day to you!

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