Apollon, the boxer brief pattern [Presentation article]


Did you notice that in the ready-to-wear market, men’s boxer briefs are mostly in plain colors?

Grey, black… if we are lucky, we can find navy blue or burgundy…

I wanted a little fantasy, a little color…

Apollon, it’s the possibility to put a little fun and fantasy in men’s underwear!

This pattern offers you 3 variants to play with the patterns or colorblock the fabrics:

An added bonus of the Apollo pattern is that it also offers you three lengths: short, medium or long.

Here is the basic version, in short length:

Unlike Forever which has a “triangular” gusset, Apollon has a narrow gusset:

The basic version is quick, simple and will allow you to use pretty patterned jersey (or not!):

The variant 2 of Apollo has been thought in a slightly different way.

To begin with, it offers a gusset with a nice shape:

The cutouts of this variant allow you to play with the fabrics and give a very original side to the model.

For this variant, there are no side seams. Indeed, the cutouts shift these seams to the back:

In the pattern explanations, you will also find an “Adaptation” section.

It will allow you to modify your pattern if the recipient has strong thighs, or on the contrary thin thighs.

The advantage of DIY is that you get exactly what you want!

Sewing is the assurance of wearing clothes that you would not find in the shops!

Here is now the 3rd variant of Apollo.

We find the gusset that is highlighted by a cutout on each side:

The back is graphic, with a band on the top of the buttocks. Thanks to its shape, it gives an impression of dynamism.

Like the previous version, this variant has no side seams for better comfort:

Here, Apollo has been sewn in medium length.

If I had the idea to propose this pattern in 3 lengths, it is thanks to my cousin, a great hiker. He couldn’t find boxer briefs on the market that would prevent his thighs from rubbing at every step.

So I sewed him a longer boxer brief, he tested it and is very happy with it!

In the explanations delivered with the pattern, you will find several ties and QR-Codes leading you to video tutorials.

The construction of each variant of the boxer brief is carefully detailed, with the help of numerous photos.

Even beginners can make these boxer briefs!

Here are three boxer briefs layered together so you can see the difference between each length.

In the explanations, you will of course find the finished measurements of each boxer brief, so you can choose the length that suits you best.

To get the pattern, simply click on the button below.

I hope to see all your future makes soon!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PatronApollon, #PatronEtoffeMalicieuse on Instagram so I can check out your work.

As a reminder, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #EtoffeMalicieuse and I offer a free pattern to the lucky winner 😉

Beautiful day!

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