Merveille panty/boyshort for kid

Merveille panty/boyshort for kid

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Hello !

If you’re like me, with a little one at home who’s just getting older and wants unicorns, princesses and glitter, then Merveille will allow you to make her happy!

Merveille, it’s a pattern with 6 variations to make 3 high cut panties and 3 boyshorts!

As you can imagine, Merveille can be sewn in record time. Only three pattern pieces!

I insist (and this is important) that Merveille is REALLY a panty / boyshort with a REAL gusset pattern piece.

In lingerie, we differentiate the panty lingerie swimsuit. Indeed, a swimsuit panty will be lined entirely on the front and will have only 2 pieces of pattern (there will be no gusset to speak of). while a lingerie panty will be made of 3 pieces.

So that each one can find the height which is appropriate for her, Merveille proposes 3 heights to you:

To help you find the right height, the one that will best suit your child, in the explanations you will find the crotch curve lengths:

Merveille offers two different cuts: boyshort and panty.

See the difference between the two:

The boyshort is cut lower on the hips, and thus covers more.

You can have fun with all your jersey remnants!

What I love about this pattern is that it is very fast satisfying: in a very short time, you get a cute little panty :

The back is well covered. Your child will be able to do somersaults without having to pull on his panty 😉

In the explanations, you will find an “adaptation” part.

Because we are each different, even a simple panty can be transformed to fit you better.

You will learn how to make the back and front of the panty more revealing, or on the contrary, how to make your panty more covering.

No doubt you will finally be able to sew your child’s custom underwear!

Merveille is an ideal pattern for beginners: the explanations are very detailed, and very little material is needed. Just stockinette and panty elastic!

So, what do you think? Rather Merveille panty version or boyshort version?

To find the pattern, just click on the button below.

Thanksss 😉

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PatronMerveille, #PatronEtoffeMalicieuse on Instagram so I can see your accomplishments.

As a reminder, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #EtoffeMalicieuse and I offer a free pattern to the lucky winner 😉

Beautiful day!

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