Éternité Girls, potty training / menstrual panty 2-16 years old


I hesitated to find another name for it, but you are already so used to Éternité that I did not want to change that…

So let’s continue with Éternité! But this time, it’s not about the adults but about Éternité girls, the menstrual / potty training panty for kids.

Éternité Girls is both a period-proof underwear for teenagers who are getting to know their first period, but it’s also a potty training panty for the little ones!

To tell you the truth, Éternité Girls would not have been born if several of you had not given me the idea:

“My daughter just got her first period, but she’s all thin. Can you make a pattern for young teenage girls in her case? “

“My little girl is having a hard time being potty trained, and I’m thinking that if she had some cute panties it might motivate her. Would it be possible to adapt a pattern for potty training?”

So I got to work, and… you don’t change good habits, as the photo below attests, you can see that it’s been a long time since Éternité was in progress!

Éternité fillette was sewn here for a friend’s daughter, 12 years old and her first period, measurements of an 8 year old girl. The adult Éternité pattern size range was therefore not suitable.

The advantage of sewing: we create according to our needs!

I had sewn her several period-proof underwear, as well as this Bohème bra with foam cups (tutorial available here if you feel like it!).

Very few differences between Éternité for adults and Éternité Girls except the sizes:

Like the adult version, Éternité Girls offers two options: one fully lined, and the other with just the gusset lined.

For the little ones, this panty can help with potty training, but be careful: it is not a diaper!

The Éternité panty will be able to absorb small leaks, but not a “big pee” 😉

In any case, if you sew a panty in a unicorn jersey to your little one, I can assure you that she won’t want to wear diapers anymore and that she will prefer her panty! Unless she doesn’t like unicorns, but in that case you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the pretty jersey we can find now.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new pattern!

For those of you who don’t want to go to the trouble of looking for supplies, check out Mamzelle Fourmi: she’s created some pretty kits with everything you need. (the kits do not contain the pattern)

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PatronEternite, #PatronEtoffeMalicieuse on Instagram so I can see your accomplishments.

As a reminder, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #EtoffeMalicieuse and I offer a free pattern to the lucky winner 😉

Beautiful day!

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