Marin [Tuto : adding a patch pocket]

Summer is finally here, and we have the pleasure of sewing our summer outfits in anticipation of a few well-deserved days off.

At Étoffe Malicieuse, all the swimsuits of the family can be hand sewn.

The “Marin le caleçon” pattern is now available for children up to 12 years old, and for adults up to 4XL.

If you don’t know this pattern yet, you can discover it here : Marin boys and Marin men.

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Today, I propose a new tutorial to add a very useful patch pocket to the Marin Trunks:

To get started, download, print and cut out the pocket for the size you want:

You can cut your pocket as is (seam allowances are included on the pattern).

On the wrong side, fold 1 cm on the top of the pocket (wrong side of the fabric against wrong side):

Now make a fold of 2.3 cm (7/8 in), right sides together:

Here’s a closer look at what you need to get:

Stitch the two small ends with a straight stitch:

Trim the corners:

Turn the top of the pocket right side out. Pull out the corners.
Iron carefully (be careful with the temperature of the iron which should not be too high to avoid damaging the fabric).

Here’s what you get:

Mark a 1 cm fold all around the pocket, wrong side together. Pin to hold in place.

Straight stitch the back of the pocket. Here is what you get on the right side:

Place an eyelet in a corner of the pocket (you can follow the instructions given in the explanations of the pattern “Marin the swimming trunks).

This step is important: if you don’t put an eyelet, your bag will fill up with water when you swim and the water won’t be able to drain. It is therefore important to provide a small drain at the bottom of the bag.

Place the wrong side of the pocket against the back of the swimsuit where you want it.

To give you an idea, for size 10, I positioned the pocket at 12 cm (4 3/4 in) from the top of the piece of fabric, taking care to center it on the width:

Now all you have to do is straight stitch the pocket all the way around (except of course the top of the pocket!).

Note: The fabric used here is the “Jaws” from Stragier. It is an Oekotex fabric, containing 85% recycled polyester. It was offered to me by Stragier 😉
Each time I receive a gift, I will tell you so that things are transparent

I hope you find this little tutorial useful, whether for Marin or any of your other sewing projects.

patron de couture, patron de maillot de bain, homme, enfant, caleçon de bain, maillot, plage,mer

I wish you a beautiful day!

See you soon!

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