Poéma, girl one-piece swimsuit [Presentation article]


Let’s start this article with a little story!

Several months ago, I sent a little message to Sarah (@atelier.miinsa on Instagram) for those of you who don’t know her yet) to offer to brainstorm with me on a swimsuit for girls.

The first idea was that she could sew them for you, since Sarah has been offering her sewing services for some time now.

Sarah answered me very quickly, she was excited! I must say that Sarah and I have already exchanged several times, and each time it was a real pleasure.

Several exchanges followed: she sent me photos found on the net that inspired her, made some sketches, I also shared my ideas, my desires … but also explained what I felt possible or not for my future pattern (it is not uncommon that the drawings are transformed as the pattern is created).

We spent a lot of time exchanging, imagining this swimsuit. There were too many ideas, we had to put some aside!

I then did all the drafting and pattern work.

I worked on the different variations, the ruffles, the gathers, the cuts… Poéma was just starting to come to life! During this period, I drafted alone, but Sarah was still present: “how wide do you see the ruffles?” “do you think the drop in the back I do it like this, or rather like that?”…

Then there is the whole step-by-step explanations writing part, where I spend the most time.

Diagram after diagram, the assembly range was slowly built.

And then, of course, the gradation of the model and all the pieces.

Poema was just born!

As you can see, Poema has two main variants, each with different ruffle options.

To begin, I present you the variant with rounded back and straps decorated with flounces:

For this swimsuit, I had the great chance to sew in advance one of the wonderful lycra from the UNE collection of Stragier.

This lycra contains 85% recycled polyester. Bravo, and thank you Stragier for offering us such beautiful fabrics that protect our planet!

Poema is a one-piece swimsuit that has two nice cups with a gathered base:

During the tests, Sandra and I made sure that the gathers did not add volume for the girls. These gathers are a subtle mix between “too little” and “too much”!

In the explanations of Poema, you will find all the indications to sew a nice bow.

This one is of course optional, but I think it adds a nice touch:

As you can see, the buttocks are well covered. No risk of the unattractive bikini that “goes into the buttocks”!

So that you can sew Poema according to the morphology of your child, you will find in your download file a detailed method sheet explaining how to adapt the pattern.

I reassure you right away: nothing complicated, I guide you step by step, with the help of many small computerized diagrams.

The second version, I sewed it in scraps of lycra that I had left from previous years’ swimsuits.

I hesitated to show it to you, it is true that at the time of the releases of pattern you perhaps want to see pretty fabrics, resulting from the very last collections, but I think that our falls of fabrics must be valued, and that it is also with the creators to show that “Yes, we can give life with our scraps”!

Do you recognize it? This is the lycra I used for the Supporter sports bra, the variant with the thin straps!

Finally, here is the version with the nice drop opening at the back:

For this variation, I chose to sew only the small ruffles on the shoulders. They have the advantage of protecting from the sun:

All versions of Poema are fully lined: front and back!

For variants with a rounded back, no seam allowance is visible from the inside of the shirt. For the drop variant, some seam allowances are visible (like the side allowances for example).

The lycra I used for this version is also a recycled fabric: it comes from La Panda Love Fabrics.

I want to make it clear that I ordered my fabric exactly the same way you would order it yourself. They have several outlets that are given on their website.

This small Breton brand offers us beautiful lycra, made of 80% recycled polyester.

The under-chest band, found on the back as well as on the front, can be used with a contrast fabric as the ruffles:

I hope you like this new model of girl swimsuit.

Thank you to all the testers for accompanying me during the last step of Poema’s conception.

I can’t wait to see how you make this new pattern your own!

I let you discover the content of the pattern:

Don’t forget to use hashtags #patronpoema, #patronetoffemalicieuse on Instagram so that I can discover your creations.

As a reminder, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #etoffemalicieuse and I offer a free pattern to the lucky one 😉

Beautiful day!

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