Tendresse panties [Presentation article]

Hello ! Hello !

I am very, very happy to be able to finally unveil the Tendresse panties.

As usual, I took my time! The Tendresse panties were shot in November 2019, at the same time as the Trésor bra!

Remember: the Trésor bra for the top, and for the bottom… it was already Tendresse!

Tendresse panties has in fact several possible variations: tanga, shorty or… panties! There is something for everyone.

Tendresse can be sewn in record time. Only two pattern pieces, everything comes together very quickly for a guaranteed “wow” effect.

If you feel like treating yourself to a little evening sewing session after a hard day’s work, this will be the perfect project!

Let’s start with the pictures of the tanga!

The front of Tendresse is quite low cut. If you have a misplaced scar, it will be perfect to hide it.

The tanga’s back is visually very graphic thanks to the seam in the middle back which allows a nice symmetry on the lace:

The shape of Tendresse has a particularity: the back and the front are in 1 piece: there is no side seam. The sides are therefore both elegant & comfortable:

The panties have exactly the same front as the tanga:

On the other hand, of course, the back is different: it is much more covering!

A method sheet will explain how to obtain a nice symmetry on the lace pieces.

Here is a counter-example so that you can see what I am talking about: on the picture below, the pieces have been cut without taking into account the lace patterns:

Obviously, it is much prettier with a thoughtful lace cut:

Tendresse is the perfect pattern if you love to sew and wear lace.

But not only!

Indeed, Tendresse knows how to be discreet by adorning itself with a simple lace band for example. Here is the shorty version sewn in jersey:

For this version, I used a nude cotton jersey that was kindly offered to me by Les Filles à pois.

Here is now the shorty version all in lace.

In the explanations, I explain how to finish the waistline with a scalloped elastic or an elastic bias.

QR-Codes (and clickable links) will take you to videos to show you more explicitly these different notions.

No, no, no, I won’t tell you more for the moment about the bra in the following picture 😉

Just know that all the supplies in this set have been dyed, even the staple! But I’ll come back to this topic later…

Red is good, but the black is so highlighted on my white model that I couldn’t resist showing you this version too:

Always that lovely seamless side. This is really the difference between Tendresse and other patterns!

So, what do you think? Tendresse lace version or jersey version?

I can’t wait to see how you make this new pattern your own!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #patroneternite and #patronetoffemalicieuse on Instagram so that I can discover your wonderful panties.

Remember, each month I choose on Instagram one of your photos shared with the #etoffemalicieuse and offer a free pattern to the lucky one 😉

Have a nice day !

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