Bohème [Tutorial]

Hello everyone,

Today, Sarah (@atelier.miinsa on Instagram) offers you a tutorial about how to associate jersey and lace to the Bohème.

Sarah has already put a tutorial on her Instagram account, and she was kind enough for me to share it here so that everyone can enjoy it, even without access to the social network.

So the photos and text are the fruit of her work, and I thank her very much for her sharing and kindness!

This tutorial is about the Bohème pattern that you must have in your possession to follow the following explanations. However, it will also be suitable for any other triangle bra pattern 😉

List of material for the cups

  • Scalloped lace band of a width of 5 cm (if you find some with a greater width, no problem! Just cut it so that it measures 5 cm wide),
  • Jersey remnants for the cups.
  • (all other necessary supplies are of course detailed in the explanations of the Boheme pattern)


Let’s start by modifying the pattern pieces.

Replicate your pattern pieces side cup and center cup as well as the marks to know where the scalloped side of the lace will be:

Then, draw a line parallel to the lace edge at 4 cm, both on the side cup and the middle cup:

Once the lines are drawn, cut along these lines. We now have two pieces for the side cup and two pieces for the center front cup :

Cut your fabric using these pieces starting with the band of lace.

Take the pieces that we have just cut: the one with the lace edge.

Cut twice for the side cup and twice for the center front cup, making sure to leave a 1 cm seam allowance where the piece was cut (if your band of lace is already 5 cm wide, you will just have to cut the bottom and the top of the piece).

Also, pay attention to the symmetry of your lace when cutting (see the method sheet provided with the pattern):

Then cut your other pieces from the jersey. 2x side cups and 2x center front cups.

Always remember to add the 1 cm seam allowance where the pattern has been modified.

Here’s what you get:

Optional: if you want a lining, cut 2 more side cups and 2 center front cups:


Start with the side cups: take one lace cup piece and one jersey cup piece and pin them right sides together where we modified the piece. Stitch at 1 cm.
Do the same for the other side cup.

Then switch to the center front cups: take the lace center front cup and the jerseycenter front cup and pin them right sides together where we modified the piece. Stitch at 1 cm.
Do the the same for the other center front cup.

So we end up with our original parts. 2 center front cups and 2 side cups :

Then, take a side cup and a center front cups and pin right sides together. Stitch at 1 cm. Do the same for the other cup:

If you do not wish to add a lining, continue with the assembly steps indicated in the Bohème instruction booklet.

If you want a lining, here’s the rest of the tutorial:

Take a side cup and a center front cup in lining fabric right sides together. Stitch at 1 cm. Do the same for the other cup:

Then puts the lining cup on the main jersey & lace cup, right sides together, folding the lace inside with care (the lace in sandwiched between the lining and the finished cup).

Stitch, taking care stop at 2 cm from the top. Do the same for the other cup:

Turn it over. We thus have the top of the lining which is not sewn but it is normal because that avoided wedging the lace while sewing:

The last bit not stitched will be carefully folded cleanly inwards. Stitch by hand with an invisible point. Do the same for the 2nd cup:

To finish your bra, all you have to do now is follow the instructions given with the pattern, starting on page 30.

Tadaaam, your Bohemian bra is now finished! Bravo !

We would be delighted with Sarah to discover your versions, so don’t hesitate to show us all your creations with the #patronboheme #Hackbohemepattern #etoffemalicieuse.

For those who would like to find the Boheme pattern, he can be found here :

Have a nice day !

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