Caresse high waisted panties : lacy sides [tutorial]

Caresse high waisted panties : lacy sides [tutorial]

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Hello everybody!

I propose you today a very simple tutorial for a new variant of Caresse the high waisted panties :

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Caresse is proposed to you with already several variations:

However, it is so easy to add a new version that it would be a shame to miss it! So here is the “lace on the sides” variation: this pretty version will allow you to use the scalloped edge of the lace on the front of your panties.

This tutorial is explained from the Caresse high waisted panties pattern.

Get the Caresse high waisted panties pattern

We will work on the pattern with seam allowances NOT included.

Step 1: Preparing the pattern

Tape the pieces “Front side down” and “Front side up”: we obtain a piece that we will call later “L Front side”:

2nd step : Cutting


  • Front middle: once on the fold in fabric 1
  • Back:
    • Once on the fold in fabric 1
    • OR back with drop cutout: once on the fold in fabric 1
    • OR back with triangle: once the back on the fold in fabric 1 + once the triangle in fabric 2
  • Crotch: once in fabric 1, and once in the cotton jersey
  • Front side: twice mirroring in the lace

3rd step : The construction process

Overlay a “Front Side” lace on the middle front.
The reverse side of the lace is against the right side of the “Front middle” piece, and the lace overlays for about 5 mm over the “Front middle” (in the diagram, the lace has been lightened so that you can better visualize by transparency):

Sew with a zigzag stitch, or with an elastic stitch following the scallops of the lace:

Do the same for the second side. This is what you get:

You just have to follow the explanations of the basic version of the Caresse panties (page 15 of the explanations).

It’s always a great pleasure for me to discover your creations, so don’t hesitate to share your progress and finished projects on social networks with the hashtags #etoffemalicieuse, #patronetoffemalicieuse and
#patroncaresse !

See you soon!

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