Eternité menstrual shorty


Sewing pattern in PDF format, instant digital download.

Éternité is a washable menstrual shorty designed to be sewn in knit fabrics, preferably with a spandex content.
Éternité has a snug fitting back. The top is at level with the small hips: neither too high so as not to be compressed, nor too low so as not to reveal the top of the buttocks when you bend down!
Éternité is quick and easy to sew without any major difficulties in its making.

Éternité comes in two forms:

  • Variant 1: for light to normal flow. Its finish is meticulous: all gusset seams are enclosed.
    Variant 2: for heavy flow, or for night-time use.
    Variant 2 requires more fabric than variant 1. It is even more carefully finished as all seams are enclosed for clean and smooth interior.
  • Sizes : from 32 to 50 (Size tables here).
  • Sewing margins included and not included (more information about layers here).
  • Difficulty : 1/5

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More info, details and photos on the blog : Eternité the shorty

Content of the PDF pattern (more info here):

  • A full-size sheet to be printed and then assembled in A4/US letter format.
  • Sewing margins are included and/or not included : the choice is yours !
  • The pattern is layered : you choose the size(s) to be printed.
  • You can print in black and white : the lines of the sizes are different to be easily differentiated.


Contents of the PDF explanations :

  • Detailed assembly instructions illustrated with computerised diagrams and/or photos.
  • The interactive table of contents make it easier for you to read.
  • Lengths are given in inches and cm.
  • A «Fabric elasticity» method sheet : it’s not always easy to find your way around in fabrics with stretch… with this tutorial, you can easily check your fabrics and know which one will be the most suitable.
  • A «How to make a little bow» method sheet : thanks to this sheet, you will be able to make your own little bows, in the colours you want.


Materials and supplies :

You will find in this description’s photos the necessary supplies as well as the yardage.

Reproduction, distribution and commercial use of this pattern is prohibited. This pattern is strictly personal, please do not share it.
It is forbidden to offer for sale creations from this pattern without permission. You will find the licences here.

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